Principal Operator Breach

It is a standard process for the ICBC adjuster to consider who was driving the vehicle as compared to who is named as the principal operator on the contract of insurance. If the driver does not have as good a safe driving discount as the owner, ICBC often breaches the owner and driver of the contract of insurance. In doing so, they ignore the explanation of the driver/owner as to use of the vehicle.

Common instances of a breach is where a parent is insuring and owing a vehicle which apparently is being driven by a child. Other common instances are where there is a husband-wife or boyfriend-girlfriend situation and one partner has a much lower discount rate than the other partner. If the good driver is the principal operator for all vehicles in the household than that sends out a red flag to ICBC.

The starting point is when getting interviewed by ICBC, make sure that you are aware of who is the principal operator on the contract of insurance before going into ICBC so that you don’t get tricked into ICBC’s attempt to show that the principal operator is somebody other than the person named on the contract of insurance.

Ultimately, the principal operator that is supposed to be named on the insurance would be that person that is most likely to use the vehicle more than 50% of the time as at the time of placing the insurance. For the limited savings on insurance premiums it is not worth using somebody else as a principal operator when clearly that individual will not be driving the vehicle more than 50% of the time. The end result of doing that is you are basically driving the vehicle without insurance if ICBC finds out about your false declaration and breaches you.