Initial ICBC Reporting Requirements

Ideally, you should contact the ICBC dial-a-claim center within 24 hours of the motor vehicle accident to report the accident. The representative at ICBC will ask for general insurance information, vehicle information and driver/owner information. The representative will also ask for details of the accident and whether or not you or your passenger(s) suffered an injury in the accident.

Specifically, the representative will ask for the following information:

  1. Your vehicle license plate number and registration;
  2. The name and the driver’s license number of the person driving your vehicle;
  3. The name, the license plate and driver’s license numbers of the other vehicle(s)/ parties involved in the accident;
  4. When the accident happened;
  5. Where the accident happened;
  6. General details of the accident;
  7. Your views on liability and whether or not you will accept responsibility; and
  8. Details of the injuries to the parties involved in the accident.

Note that when your phone dial-a-claim, the representative from ICBC at the other end of the phone is filling out a CL-75. This is an ICBC internal form, which provides details about your vehicle, the owner of the vehicle, the other party involved in the accident, the description of the accident, etc. Remember, whatever you tell this ICBC dial-a-claim representative will be recorded on a form and ICBC may use what you said against you in your claim if it helps them. Therefore, be very careful of what you tell the claims representative.

The contacts for the ICBC’s Dial-a-Claim Centre are:

  • 604-520-8222 in the Lower Mainland
  • 1-800-910-4222 outside the Lower Mainland
  • 1-800-910-4222 from out of Province
  • 604-592-8800 for out of Province claims

In summary, to be safe, you need to report to ICBC within 24 hours of the accident, regardless of the accident type.

With the exception of Hit and Run claims and claims involving an injury, ICBC offers you the convenience of reporting a claim 24 hours a day online. An ICBC adjuster will process the claim usually within 24 hours and post an online claim report notice, which you must then retrieve. You can also make the claim on-line at