ICBC’s Internal Review Process

In the event that you have a disagreement with ICBC, there are avenues within ICBC whereby you can try to get the decision overturned without suing ICBC. You can use the internal review process of ICBC for virtually all decisions of ICBC ranging from a liability determination, administration of Part VII benefits, vehicle repair issues, etc… The steps to follow are as follows:

  1. Speak to a Manager or Supervisor at the ICBC office you are dealing with: If you have a dispute or complaint about a decision, you should first contact the manager or supervisor at the location you are dealing with. You can discuss the issue with the manager or supervisor or else seek some direction on how to enter the Fair Practices Review.
  2. Fair Practices Review: If you have already dealt with a manager or supervisor, or have used an appeal or review process available in Step 1, and are still dissatisfied, you should launch a complaint through ICBC’s Fair Practices Review department.
  3. Fairness Commissioner: If you have followed the procedures in Step 1 and 2 and, after a review or investigation by the Fair Practices Review, you are still not satisfied, you may be eligible for a review by the Fairness Commissioner. This step involves requesting a review in writing. The Fairness Commissioner may conduct the review and make findings and recommendations with respect to unresolved issues.
  4. Lawsuit: If you have gone through the ICBC internal review process and still are not satisfied with the results, you can always sue ICBC. For smaller disputes, the Small Claims Court is the venue.

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