The Briefing Podcast


The Briefing Podcast is hosted by our Managing Partner, Wes Mussio as he shares his 25+ years of expertise with his audience. Now British Columbians can learn how personal injury and estate litigation laws affect them personally. The podcast also highlights the current issues with new laws introduced in British Columbia.

The weekly video podcast will be posted on YouTube for our subscribers and uploaded to the Mussio Goodman website. Mussio Goodman also uploads the audio podcast episodes onto iTunes, Anchor, Pocket Casts, Stitcher and Spotify.

The video podcasts are also shared on our Facebook and Twitter accounts when they are available to view or listened to.

The Briefing (Ep. 1): What happens when ICBC finds your case to be a “minor injury”?

The Briefing (Ep. 2): Reasons to Avoid Early and Frequent Contact with ICBC

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