Estate Litigation Claims

Mr. Mussio and his team have been counsel on recent estate litigation judgements in the Supreme Court of BC

For over a decade, Wes Mussio has led the Mussio Goodman Estate Litigation team. The firm has handled all types of estate litigation files such as claims arising from probate, wills variation, unjust enrichment, testamentary capacity or invalid wills. This is a highly specialized area of law which few firms can declare they have extensive expertise in. Indeed, Mr. Mussio and his team have been counsel on many of the recent estate litigation judgements in the Supreme Court of BC.

Unlike most law firms in the field of estate litigation, Mussio Goodman offers contingency fee agreements which means that the client does not have to pay a retainer upfront upon hiring the firm nor does the client have to pay legal bills as the case proceeds towards resolution. Rather, the client only pays legal fees at the end of the file if there is a recovery. The fee charged is based on a percentage of recovery. In the result, the contingency fee agreement ensures access to justice for all family members that feel there has been wrongdoings in regard to the estate of a love one.

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Pursuing a Fair Inheritance

Disputing a will is a specialized area of law so you want to ensure you hire a lawyer that regularly handles this type of claim. The Estate Litigation team at Mussio Goodman prides itself on early resolution of estate disputes to reduce the stress of heading to trial against a family member. However, should your case need it, the team is always prepared to proceed to trial to ensure you receive fair compensation out of the estate of a loved one.

A Wealth of Knowledge in Estate Litigation

Learn more about Estate Litigation through the book Fair Inheritance: The Basics of Estate Litigation in British Columbia. You can get your free copy by emailing Wes Mussio at You can also log into, a website providing an on-line source of information for many topics in the area of estate litigation.

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