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Recent press releases featuring Mussio Law Group.

Take Five Magazine Reports on Wes Mussio’s Court of Appeal Victory

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Magazine Reports on Wes Mussio of Mussio Goodman Successful Court Appeal As reported in the August issue of Take Five by OnPoint Legal Research, the BC Court of Appeal has rejected ICBC’s attempt to shut down, a free informational website for those dealing with ICBC claims, owned by Wes Mussio’s wife. This was ICBC’s second attempt to […]

ICBC Appealing Mussio Goodman Victory to Supreme Court of Canada

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Mussio Goodman Achieves Victory in Supreme Court of Canada The British Columbia Court of Appeal ruled in our client’s favour, overturning the lower court’s decision and prohibiting ICBC from relying on a zipline waiver to deny compensation for injuries sustained in a car accident. ICBC has since sought leave to appeal the decision to the […]

BC Court of Appeal Rejects ICBC’s Attempt to Remove Client’s Website

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24 hours Vancouver Recently Reported on the Mussio Goodman Court Success As reported by 24 Hours Vancouver, we are pleased to announce that ICBC has lost for the second time in trying to convince our Court that the website belonging to Wes Mussio’s wife ( was infringing on ICBC’s trademark. In 2012, the BC Supreme […]

Wes Mussio Featured in Lawyers Weekly

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Lawyers Weekly Recently Featured Mussio Goodman Lawyer As previously discussed, injured claimants must take reasonable steps to restore themselves to their pre-accident condition, which includes following the advice of their doctors. In the trial of Warner v. Cousins, the judge found that the Plaintiff failed to mitigate her damages and reduced the award as a result. The […]

Mussio Goodman Wins Third Consecutive WCB Tribunal Decision Against ICBC

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Mussio Goodman Wins Against ICBC in Court As previously discussed, when an injured motorist first informs ICBC of the accident, one of the questions they may be asked is whether they were working at the time of the collision. The reason is, if both drivers involved in the accident were “workers” as defined by the […]